okay, you know about how stephenie meyer isn't publishing midnight sun anymore :,[ so we want all you fanpires to leave a comment saying why you want stephenie to publish midnight sun, and how much you love her. then once we get a ton of commetns, we're going to send this to stephenie and hopefully she will decide to publish it again. please help save midnight sun! we need as many people as possable, so please tell your friends, thanks guys.




09/11/2008 19:12

omg, i read the first chapter, and everything on SM's website and i loved it! this could defenatly be the best book out of the whole series! i really hope it gets published...that would be awesome.

09/12/2008 04:00

I read the first, like, 90 pages, and it's really good!!!! I really hope that she decides 2 finish it an publish it!!!!

09/14/2008 17:23

i loved the first 4 books so if there's another i will buy it without question!!!aii the Twilight fans of the world were looking forward to Midnight Sun, so Mrs. Meyer, please don't let us down!!!!!

09/21/2008 15:06

i haven't read it online yet b/c i didnt want to insult Stephenie by reading an illegal post online so PLEEZ publish it everyone who has read the 1st 12 chapters has said that it was amazing!! PLEEZ I'M BEGGING U! publish it i'm one of ur biggest fans ever!!!


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